Where will the session take place?
Sessions can take place at my private studio or a location of your choice. I recommend somewhere you can feel relaxed. Ideal locations would offer a simple, uncluttered backdrop, along with being naturally lit.
For pinup style sessions if you prefer outdoors I have quite a few great outdoor locations I like to use as well.

Hair and Make up:
The right hair and make up can really add that special something to your photo’s. Having your hair and makeup done always makes you feel special and pampered which results in the confidence we are wanting to capture! Hair and makeup by a professional artist is included in all pinup and boudoir packages.

What should I wear?

I put together a few “what to wear” boards and links for pinup shoots here: Pinup what to wear.

Here are a few “what to wear” boards and links for boudoir: Boudoir what to wear.

How should I prepare for my shoot?
Upon booking you will be sent a how to be prepared guide with helpful information and tips. Please be sure to read the guide thoroughly.

Have a question? Feel free to E-mail me: JessWphotography@aol.com