On Location sessions:
Sessions can take place at a location of your choice. I recommend somewhere you can feel relaxed. Ideal locations would offer a simple, uncluttered backdrop, along with being naturally lit. For active children, outdoors will always be the most fun. Your backyard, a favorite park, garden, or even an inviting porch. Of course, the comfort of your own home is always a great option. Rooms with large windows allowing natural light in are ideal, childrens bedrooms, playrooms, or even on mommy and daddys bed make for great photographs. Newborns always have the wonderful option of the babies very own nursery that mom and dad gave so much time and detail to.

Baby Portrait Age:
When to bring your baby is a personal choice. For a true newborn session I love to photograph when a baby is less than two weeks old, because during the first few weeks you get that very special newborn look, and a beautiful variety of portraits are possible. At around 12 weeks the smiles are more plentiful but there is less chance of those wonderful sleepy shots. Each stage, however, has its own special moments. No other time will be as optimal for different poses than 6 to 8 months. This is the time when babies usually sit up, but before they start to crawl. They are able to push up on their tummies, and they are very proud to be sitting. This may very well be the best time to photograph your baby if you are planning to have only one session during the first year.

When planning clothing for your session, keep in mind that your clothing choices will be a big determining factor in the final outcome of your portraits. You should avoid large logos and busy patterns. Our goal is to get great portraits of you not your clothing. Distracting clothing will draw attention away from the subject.

More than one person being photographed:
If more than one person will be included in the session, clothing tones and styles should match. I will document each child individually, If possible. Depending on the ages of the children, I will document them interacting together as well as interaction with parents.
Coordinating clothing creates a sense of harmony and balance and makes the portrait more pleasing to the eye. The attention is taken off the clothes and the eye is drawn to the faces. If in doubt about any outfit or choice, don’t hesitate to ask. Having a few outfits, tops, and accessories to choose from is never a bad idea.

Newborn and infants:
Newborns and babies photograph best in their own skin. A simple diaper, diaper cover, or less will result in the best photo’s of your new baby. I love to use parents as props for newborn photos. Mom and dad of newborns will want to have long sleeved black shirts and black pants or blue jeans for themselves.

Some simple items such as a hat, flowers, bubbles, or a favorite timeless toy can create a wonderful added interest to a portrait. It is always wonderful to have family heirlooms or special blankets, etc. included in the photo’s. Be sure to have these items on hand if you wish to have them in the photo’s. I also have some studio props, hats, & newborn cocoons and can bring them on location upon request.

I recommend building up our photo session as a play date! Your children should never have to sit still or force a smile. They should get to play, laugh, blow bubbles, or anything else they love to do!

The not so photogenic items:
Make sure that your child has taken a nap and eaten before the session. As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t want something in the photo, leave it out of sight. small scratches, bumps, and bruises are quite common among babies and children. If you wait for your them to be perfect, the session may never take place. Most minor marks can be corrected during digital retouching of the photo’s. If your child is very ill or especially cranky please reschedule. A 24 hour notice is always appreciated.

After The session:
We just finished shooting your pictures. Now you wonder, what do I do now?
It’s easy!! Check your email for your on-line digital downloads which will be sent to you within 14 days.