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Healing Oils

Our set of Organic Healing oils includes four, 10ml Glass roller bottles.

We use a mix of Soybean oil, coconut oil, and Pure vitamin E as the carrier oil.


Our ‘Soothe’ oil is infused with Rosemary and Fluorite Crystals. Soothe is an anti inflammatory, anti oxidation, and mood enhancing oil.

More benefits of Soothe include:

Help with focus, headache relief, insomnia relief, promotes spiritual clarity (third eye chakra) improves memory, and aids with psychic protection and intuition.



Our ‘Calm’ oil is infused with Lavender and Fluorite Crystals. Calm helps with restlessness, depression, anxiety, and brings an all around calming effect.

More benefits of Calm include:

Supports healthy sleep, Reduces mild pain and inflammation, Mood enhancing, soothes abdominal pain, eliminates negative vibes, helps with intention setting, great grounding work tool.



Our ‘Renew’ oil is infused with Marigold, Palo Santo, and Fluorite Crystals. Renew oil is all about skin health and renewal. Renew helps to sooth sun burns, inflammation, bruising, and manage stress.


More benefits of Renew include:

Promotes skin healing, aids in digestion, Clears negative energy, brings strength, attracts positivity, helps with spiritual connection and manifestations.



Our ‘Purify’ oil is infused with Day Lily, Papaya, and clear quartz crystals. Purify oil helps with upset stomachs, gut health and digestion.


More benefits of Purify include:

Aids in healthy digestion, purifies circulation, anti oxidant properties, helps with focus and memory, promotes wound healing, aids in spiritual transformation, growth, and inner peace.


Our oils are for topical use. Our organic carrier oils are infused with Natural Organically grown Herbs, flowers, and ethically sourced crystals. Our oils are not for internal use. Not to be ingested.

Crystal benefits:

Fluorite Crystals- encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.

Clear quartz Crystals- enhances mental clarity, cleanses energies, helps create more focus, amplifies intuition, meditative and restorative properties.