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The Honey Bagger Makes beautiful handmade purses, handbags, wallets, makeup bags and bucket hats from amazing, retro and unique fabrics.

Her bags are one of a kind, Only one of each design is made in each fabric. So when you buy a Honey Bagger purse nobody else will have the same one! I chose the Retro Sailor Jerry print for my Handbag. How can you go wrong with bearded sailors and mermaids?! It also compliments my hair. 😛


I went with a large bag design. Being a mom of 5 boys I normally carry several things other than normal purse essentials like your wallet and makeup bag. With my littlest guy in diapers I often throw a few diapers and travel wipe case in my purse with an extra onsie or two if I am just running a quick errand and don’t feel like packing the whole diaper bag. So my purse has got to have lots of room, and this one surely does.


The details of this bag are just beautiful. There are stands on the bottom so the bag does not get worn from setting it down. The hardware and straps are durable and well made. Also, how cute is the red polka dot inside? I am definitely a fan of the side zipper pocket. I like to stick my keys or anything else I don’t want to get lost in the abyss of purse/diaper bag goodness in there for quick access. <3


Isn’t the little sugar skull charm on the zipper an adorable added touch too?! Love it!


The brass knuckles charm on the outside zipper is a super cute added touch as well. So much attention to detail and fun little extras.


Check out the outside design a bit closer up.

Side one:


Side two:


As you can see these bags are handmade with love and talent. Check out The Honey bagger on Facebook HERE and enter their giveaway! Make sure to order something special and let her know Jess sent you!

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